Behaviour Modification with Children who are Deaf or Hard-Of-Hearing ~Bianca Birdsey

THRIVE Parent Support Group has become my daily passion after mothering my precious three. Recently we tackled the subject of “behaviour modification,” and what it means for deaf kiddies…

THRIVE Parent Support and Advocacy Group

“Parenting is not for Sissies,” was a t-shirt caption that I once saw, and I had no idea, that with time, I’d appreciate this statement to be one of life’s simple truths. Whatever your child’s personality, abilities and challenges, sometimes frankly, parenting is really hard work! Learning that there are boundaries that need respecting, certain behaviors that just aren’t okay and that other people in this world matter and need to be respected, are some of the hardest teaching tasks for any parent. We all have ideals of how we desire to parent our children, some of us desire an open nurturing environment where the child largely leads in various areas, whilst some of us prefer to adopt a firmer parenting style. Like all things, there is a spectrum, and like all things, we will need to discover what parenting approach fits best with our individual children and family units…

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