Giving back – Mt Kilimanjaro climb

As the last post mentioned, Graeme, my husband, will shortly be making an effort to fundraise for the fantastic organization, HI HOPES early intervention Programme. We’ve had incredible journey over the past 11 months now. One that started with despair and now is very much one of HOPE. A pivotal moment was gaining the support of HI HOPES. The input that they sow frequently, is already reaping incredible results, as the language assessments that we do to assess the girls’ language development, are showing significant leaps in their development of language. Experiencing the benefit of such a programme first hand, has given me a deeper appreciation of the need for all deaf babies to access early intervention. One way that we hope to “give back” a little and consequently support other families like ours, is through the website “Do it 4 charity”. In July this year, Graeme will be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro for HI HOPES. Please consider supporting deaf babies through exploring this link and making a donation. Every little bit counts!

An earlier post, “Giving honour where honour is due,” also expresses our appreciation for this incredible team, find it here:


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