“Logic will get you from A-Z, imagination will get you everywhere.” ~ Einstein

I’ve mentioned many times, of how my girls’ vocab and communication abilities have improved over the past few months. From celebrating simple 2 word sentences only 4 months ago, we’re now finding ourselves able to converse about what happened in the day, what they feel like eating and just the “normal” every day chatter (mixed hands and voices in our home of course) which to me, have been moments that 4 months ago, I could only dream of. It is not perfect, but what an improvement! Through going to school, accessing language which has unlocked a love of learning, having lots of ideas and activities suggested through our HI HOPES interactions and endless READING, we are making good progress.

One thing that I’ve been looking forward to, which I experienced for the first time the other day, has been engaging their imaginations. South Africans are very spoilt with beautiful weather most of the time, and last weekend boasted one such glorious day when we decided to take the girls for a morning on the beach. It was low tide when we got there, so hand in one hand and little nylon nets in the other, we tip-toed between the shallow pools that rested among the clusters of rocks that were basking in the sun. We had such fun exploring the little crevices, chasing the crabs, and snatching up the odd little fish in our net to get a closer look at the colours and patterns that they had been designed with. For the first time, we had a wide range of vocabulary to play with that coloured our previously limited conversation.

After exploring for some time, we made our way back to the sand to have a few sips of juice and build sand castles. A concerned little Tahlita pointed out that we all had a few little scratches and scrapes on our feet from connecting with a some sharp edges of the barnacles that clung to the rocks that we had been exploring. That’s when their little imaginations started to overflow with the extraordinary. Hadassah, inspecting her tiny wound, looked up at me, and with a sudden expression of amusement, suggested that she had been bitten by a blue fish that had pink stripes. Tahlita, shuddered at the thought, and with great animation, exclaimed that a big red crab had attacked her toe. Eden found this amusing. Like a domino effect, each new story gave life to an even bigger and more impressive adventure! In the end, Eden’s tiny scratch was evidence of a shark attack, and Mamma had been bitten by a whale!

With such impressive stories, the pain of the tiny wounds escalated, and these three heffalumps had to be carried up the beach and the million steep stairs that took us back to our car, as of course, such serious injuries, need extra TLC (of course mom’s whale injury was forgotten)! Completely out of breath by the hike home, muscles burning from lugging up the extra weight we had a good laugh at how it was all totally worth the display of thought creativity that at long last they were starting to express!

Days later, the stories were growing, and long after the scratches had totally healed, everyone was still comparing notes at whose ‘attack’ was the worst. The shimmer in their eyes and exaggerated signing, really has added to the whole theatrical experience as they have clearly loved the freedom that one’s imagination brings.


5 thoughts on ““Logic will get you from A-Z, imagination will get you everywhere.” ~ Einstein

  1. So cool bee!!!!! Very happy for you to be able to see, experience and enjoy such incredible progress. What a blessing!

  2. All Granny can say is that I experienced this incredible, rapid growth with the little ones and in such a short time. I am now lost with the communication, will have to do a lot of catching up. Well done to you all, and of course those 3 little bright buttons.

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