“Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible.”


I’ve always enjoyed having fun with my camera; trying new things, making a million mistakes, seeing things differently, and best of all, having the shutter time, aperture size,focus and all the other details come together to capture one unique moment in time. Before I had children, I engaged my photography hobby with architecture and landscapes, and then when the twins arrived, gone went my opportunities of staying out late trying to capture star trails, or spending hours in front of a light box…I had new subjects and they were far more beautiful than anything else my view finder had previously framed (and often far more challenging to capture). Up until their diagnosis, my camera was never far out of reach, and consequently I have quite a collection of “paused” life moments. I guess it was just part of the grief, but after I found out that they were deaf, every photo that I took of them, screamed that fact out loud to me… so, I packed away my camera. With acceptance and deciding to embrace our new reality, I decided to charge my camera battery and use my lens to embrace this new world too. I am loving the new “filter” through which I’m seeing my girls, and enjoying trying out new things and again, using my view finder to stretch my ability to see things differently. I love this truth about photography, “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” I must admit, their faces are aglow with joy and life since their silent worlds have been coloured with language and communication – this is priceless to capture!

These photos are our family’s hands spelling out my favourite word – H.O.P.E


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