“Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~Mark Twain

The emphasis in our home at the moments is on strengthening communication within our family.  As you already know, we are using a total communication approach, meaning verbal, sign language, gestures and just about anything else that grows language and concepts.  I often overlook the value of unspoken communication.  What happened a few weeks ago, is an example of silent communication that spoke volumes of love to me.

I love flowers (my little Eden does too)!  I’m continuously captivated by how many very different, yet uniquely exquisite types that there are out there.  It’s like they really boast of creation and humble the most high profile beauty endorsements with their simple reflection of Beauty.  From the rustic charm of Proteas to the elegant poise of roses – a vase of fresh cut flowers adorning my mantelpiece, is something that I really appreciate.  I have a wonderful husband who often romances me with some fresh flowers.  The girls always help me snip off the ends and sprinkle the flower “food” into the vase of water.  I then usually get instructed by them on how to arrange things to meet their satisfaction!  Once placed in the usual spot on the mantel, we all step back and admire.

A few weeks ago, I was having a ‘low’ day.  We happened to have no fresh flowers at the time.  Tahlita, having seen that mom was not quite her usual self, decided to bless me with a special treat.  Off she went outside, and chose a few leaves.  Without any help, or even my knowing about her little plan, she fetched her little red cup, climbed up on a chair to reach the kitchen tap, and filled it with water.  Once arranged to satisfaction and placed in position, a sweet little face came to call me.  Hand stretched out for mine, eyes dancing with excitement, she led me to the family room, to show me her special gift to me.  The most beautiful little cup of leaves that I’ve ever received!  Words couldn’t express such gentle, sweet love, but this little girl managed to communicate it, just perfectly.


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